Waxing Blond Legs: Waxing Tips & Tricks

Hi I’m Jenny Vasila and this video is waxing blonde legs. In this video am going to show you the Best at home permanent hair removal when it is hard to see. Start you always want to prep your area with powder, sometimes this will help allow you see those blonde hairs a little bit better as well. befire doing that you may want to read more on health and hair removal tactics – here


Next you want to section out your area. You want to stay very consistent with your sectioning, because that’s going to allow you have a line to follow. So we’re going to start at the hip to the knee. You want to apply wax to the entire section, and try to create straight lines so you have an easy line to follow for your next application.

You want to remove your wax. Many times the skin will turn slightly pink so it will be easy to see where you left off, but also where we have that layer of powder, and where there is no powder because the wax pulled it off. I have a nice line here to follow as well.

By working section by section it will be easy to remove all of the hair regardless of what you can see and what you can’t.

Using Lemon to Treat Acne Scars

Hi everyone so today we are going to talk about skincare.

We’re going to just basically go over my skin care regimen. My current regimen if you guys aren’t familiar, if you guys are new to my channel, I and an oily skin type and I do have acne prone skin. Growing up in high school it was really really bad but nowadays it’s a little bit more chill, it creeps up on me when it wants to. But for the most part I am pretty much just left with scars, acne scars.

So it’s not much of me giving so much of the acne it’s just from previous acne. Post acne scars and things like that just makes my skin look not the best. But I found some new treatments to help with that, and I’m going to show you guys today.

So acne forms in so many different ways, from bacteria on your skin. If you guys didn’t know oily skin is more prone to acne because oily skin, dirt and oils are just building up and forming this disgusting gross thing called a pimple. So that’s what happens to my skin. And I really try to cleanse my face twice a day. When I cleanse my face and when I’m taking the makeup of, I do it to the maximum squeaky clean face .


I always take off my makeup with a wipe, and I’ll do that twice. So I take two wipes, and then I’ll use a cleanse off oil which breaks down all the makeup even though by the time I use two wipes and there is still no makeup by go with another makeup remover and wipe anything else on my face, and then I exfoliate my face with a brush every day.

I think that’s okay because it’s not too harsh on your skin. I use one of these. This one I think it was like five bucks.

I live by this thing, like seriously this is what I use.

Hair by Manny Skin Care Interview

Anna: Hi there I’m Anna Murray and today we’re going to be talking about skincare, and I have with me Sara Valle from Hair by Manny cosmeceuticals skincare.

So Sara tell us about Hair by Manny and how you got started in the business.


Sara : Hair by Manny is made skincare cosmetically skincare range. I got involved in the industry probably a good 15, 16 years ago. Now I was introducing a lot of Australian made products into salons, when Australian products weren’t that well received throughout salons at that stage, and you know saw an absolute need was out there for a really good Australian skincare range that was sold only through salons, bringing clients back into those salons and getting a really good skin analysis done on the customer, and of course delivering a really good result on the skin.
Anna: so Sara can you tell us what sort of customers you have please?

Sara: we supply the beauty salons with lots and lots of training and lots of really good professional products and then we have a retail range which I would then recommend for you to take home that is really where you going to get the absolute maximum out of working with these types of ingredients.

Anna: Any age group can use the products or is there a specific age?

Sara: absolutely Anna, absolutely any age group. You know they are very universal this is why they were developed in this way so that you don’t have to have you know a male range, female range sensitive skin you know, dry skin. It’s all about the ingredients and ingredients that we deliver to the skin which are going to make the difference. So it’s going to be suitable for all skin types, for all age groups. You know we’ve got as young as 14, 15 year olds using some of our product range, at the other end we’ve got 95-year-olds.

Anna: 95 that’s…

Sara: I was talking to a 95-year-old lady yesterday and she has actually Suggested that she use, she’s an outdoor lady and she said that she was absolutely loving it because it was… Protection and moisturizing…

Anna: so that was stopping you getting burned

Sara: absolutely because of the type of ingredients… We do work with Glycolics and lactics and vitamins. And so it is very very important that we do always protect skin. And you know Anna all the beauty products that are out there I always say the most important product in the whole range meets your protection.

The Sun not only does it burn our skin but it would age or skin. And so does that you know if you got the protection that’s UVb it’s going to protect you from burning. But when you’ve got the UVa that’s actually going to protect you from the aging because it’s the UVa that goes deep into the skin that actually damages the cells, and then causes the aging.

Anna: now you were telling me earlier that you get a lot of emails from people thanking you for the difference that their skin has made. Why don’t you tell us about that.


Sara:… I guess that’s what we’re all about. I love making a difference on people’s skin. That’s what I’m here to do. I really take tremendous pride and tremendous enjoyment when people come in and says my skin feels so different. We’ve even had email several times same even after one application, oh my goodness I felt such a difference on my skin. And you know even these therapists when they come on board, we’ve obviously send them some samples and we have the same feedback from them as well.

So we know that we can share that on with their clients. And that’s what we’re all about.

Female testimonial: hi my name is Wendy I was going from beautician to beautician looking for something to help my aging 45-year-old skin and when I went to one beautician she recommended B3 from Hair by Manny . And it was a beautiful product. So I keep using all of Hair by Manny’s products now and I’m loving the fact that my skin feels much more hydrated from using the products.

Anna: now earlier on I was checking to Sara about the Internet and how it’s great how we can access so much information, but something came up about people with self diagnosing their skincare problems over the Internet. And so I wanted to ask you Sara why is it important when someone uses your products and goes through a beauty therapist as opposed to self-diagnosing on the Internet?

Sara: well because we work with such active ingredients we really need to go to the specialist, the true specialist that’s going to give you true comprehensive skin analysis and prescribe the right type of product for your skin. When you get on the Internet very often we prescribe something that’s not going to be right for our skin and a long-term could create you know you get problems within our skin raw products for that skin, irritation and that’s what we need to avoid. It is just like when you go to specialist you expect that he’s going to prescribe the right medication for you it is the same we’re asking when working with cosmeceutical’s, active ingredients. Therefore go to the professional, get there professional opinion advice and use the regime what they prescribe.

Anna: Sara you are telling me about an older client of years have some challenges with some scarring and that your products have helped, can you just tell us about that please.

Sara: she’s an old lady who had major surgery, and post operatively she used all of our vitamins actually twice a day religiously she said, absolutely religiously from the beginning to four months later the difference is absolutely blown away her doctors and herself.

Anna: that’s amazing and I am showing some photos there on the screen the difference that it made to her. At that age that’s pretty impressive.

Sara: oh absolutely

Anna: what about like you were saying all different skin types, what about people who say got acne and things like that?

Sara: we work with ingredients that are going to target your acne as well control that oil flow, and just we also work with another modality which is a skin rolling needle, which also slows down the oil flow as well. And so there’s lots of way that we can target our skin concerns. You know antiaging is also a huge demand out there, we work with Apple Stem cell technology which is very new test trailer. We were actually the first Australian company to bring that technology here to Australia. What that does it feeds the nutrients back into the cells, and so therefore it’s going to exfoliate a little bit quicker because your not always going to get that brighter skin all the time.

So we are very much into solving, correcting the problem, preventing and of course targeting.

Anna: so Sara why should people purchase Hair by Manny products specifically?

Sara: well I guess if you’re really serious about making a change within your skin then these are the type of ingredients that you need to be looking out for. We have all of those really great ingredients that are going to make a difference on the skin. There’s lots of products out there it is very very confusing to the general public, what am I going to buy what you put on the skin, I don’t know I’m so confused.

But you know I always go back to go to the professional, work with our ingredients that will cut the difference. Because were not about just putting creams on the surface of the skin and having them sit there all day. We are about working with ingredients that go down into the dermal layer and that is where the change is going to make the difference. That’s you know where you’re going to be able to renew and restore, and replenish rejuvenate although skin cells.

Anna: so Sara customers who are watching this video how did they get a hold of Hair by Manny range?

Sara: Anna they just need to email us or they could make a phone call through to our office, and we will then direct them to the closest office.

Anna: and is that just in Australia, was about international people are there overseas as well?

Sara: international and Australia.

Anna: all right and beginning therapists what do they need?

Sara: exactly the same way, again they can email or they can phone us. And then we’ll send them out a comprehensive information pack about the Hair by Manny skincare range , how best it to work within their salon, and we also present with a full presentation.

Anna: sounds good all right will thank you so much Sara for sharing with us all about skincare, and we’ll see you next time by for now.

Skin Care Routine for Oily Combo skin

Hi guys today I’m doing a video that was highly requested especially from my Spanish-speaking channel

These products have worked for my skin over the past few years. And I have mentioned them in past videos, but it wasn’t specifically targeted towards my skincare.


So I’m going to start off in the order of how I remove my makeup. So first thing I do I use my cleansing wipes and I don’t spend a whole lot of money on my wipes. I like the Kirkland wipes. These are the ones that you can buy at Costco, and it comes in like a huge pack they work so well.

I noticed that they changed it over the years, but the one that they sell now it is cucumber extract and aloe vera.

One thing I like about the Kirkland brand it’s not cheap generic. They actually have very good quality products. So here’s the makeup wipe it is really sturdy I don’t know how much you care about this, and it has like the little ridges, so it can really pick up you rmakeup. And it’s a huge sheet.

So after I use that makeup wipe I’ve removed all of my eye makeup with the the Clinique take the day off. It is oil based so some people don’t like it because it leaves an oily residue.

I self-cleanse my face after I remove my makeup so it doesn’t bother me to lose even the most stubborn mascaras, waterproof mascaras.

Next, I cleanse my face so my favorite cleanser of all time is Estée Lauder’s perfectly clean. Love the foaming cleansers because I feel like it really does the job. It smells so good, and it lasts you a long time. A little goes a long way with this cleanser.

One of my friends said it smells like old grandma, but I beg to differ I really like the clean scent of it. So whenever I use this I do use my clear sonic plus and I just keep this in my shower. So then I cleanse my face while I’m taking a shower.

It is expensive I believe this one was $300 but it’s worth the investment. I wrote a post on this product many years ago, four or five years ago, and this is the exact same one that I’ve used since then.

I do change up the brushes every few months. And it cleans every single inch of your face whenever I have a zit coming I make sure I cleanse that really well and then it goes away within two days.

It has like a beeping system it tells you when to move the brush around your face. At first I thought that was so stupid it’s unnecessary, but I find that it helps and you truly do deep clean your face.

Here it’s number one recommended by aestheticians. So after I cleanse my face I use toner. I love Origins toners because they are all natural ingredients. The one that I’ve been using lately is the Perfect World.

This one is an age defense treatment lotion with wild tea. So it helps prevent wrinkles and has the antioxidants in the tea.

Even though it is natural it doesn’t have that hippie scent. When I say hippie I’m talking when it smells like herbs and leaves, I’m not really into that.

And it doesn’t have any alcohol so it’s not going to like burn your face. So for the days that I don’t wear makeup or I don’t want to deep cleanse my face, I’ll just use like a gentle exfoliator. And I really do like St. Ives.

This is the Green Tea Scrub blemish control. It smells so good. Anything green tea I love the smell of it. And the beads are really gentle.

I know there’s some exfoliators that is so rough on your skin. And it has salicylic acid so it helps treat your blemishes as well, oh and it’s parafin free .

And my favorite moisturizer of all time is Estée Lauder’s day wear. You can see I used this up. I don’t wear this twice a day I only this on in the beginning of the day, because at night I have oily skin I don’t like putting lotions in my face at night.

And it has an SPF of 15. Oh I especially love this because it smells like cucumbers, and cucumbers on the face is like so refreshing.

So for days that I wanted to deep clean pores I like to use the origins clear improvement mask. I’ve used this over the years. I remember the first time I put this on I was afraid, because I thought the tingly feeling was quite strong. But then I got used to it and I really like that feeling. And your face feel so soft after you use this mask.

hair 3

And lastly I my eye cream. I use advanced night repair. This is a very pricey item but a little goes a long way. I’ve used a lot of different eye creams before but I feel that this is the only one that really absorbs into your skin.

And it doesn’t have such a strong fragrance, it has like a slight fragrance, you don’t even smell it on your eye, but it is like a gell formula. And a little does go a long way it’s such a tiny amount.

And I don’t think I have wrinkles underneath my eyes so it must be working.

So that’s it for my updated skin care routine.

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Revitol Scar Cream Review

Hi my name is Michelle and I’m doing a review for Revitol scar cream. It’s like this much because my friends think that it’s a good idea and like this much because I think it might actually help you. But just in case it does you know this much is something. I guess I should begin why I needed the scar cream at all.

I’ve had acne since I was 13 and of course like when you hit 21 iL clears up, and my face is acne free now. But when it cleared up I had all these acne scars and it bothered me so much. Like seriously it looks like your face has been mutated.


I was like ok these have to go. So I lived with it as long as I could and then I started trying these various creams to try and get rid of it. And I tried like everything from DERMA to scar brand you name it I attempted it. And none of them really worked for me until I found the Revitol scar cream and I was very very impressed with it because within five weeks all of my scars were gone. And now as you can see my face, I hope you can see my face well.

I don’t have acne scars anymore and so I’m really impressed by them, and I’m sharing I guess because they’re the only cream that I found can actually deliver on the promises that they make, all these other ones were complete appointments to me. And I figure that they are probably a million other people out there who had the same problem I did. I mean, think of all the teenagers you see with acne.

You know who knows how else you may get scars. And the Revitol is a really great product. It works well for me I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you, especially if you’re having problems with those other creams, definitely check out Revitol it’s really amazing.

So if you’re not one of those people who just likes to complain and never do anything about it, then you should probably get off your butt and go buy Revitol scar cream because it actually works.

I’ll post a link below if you want some more information, but I highly highly recommend that you check out Revitol scar cream because it is absolutely amazing.

Revitol hair removal cream review

Guys I want to tell you about this hair removal cream I’m using. It’s called Revitol. Now basically I’ve not been a very hairy person throughout my entire life, but I tried waxing my arms one time and I really love the result because hair kind of grosses me out. And now that I’ve seen how it looks with no hair, I’d rather have no hair under my arms. The thing is I am a huge wuss. I have sensitive skin and I wanted to show you the Best hair removal cream for sensitive skin.


I cannot stand the pain of waxing my arms. So one time I did it and I think my neighbors heard me scream. No fun. So I’ve tried out different hair removal creams, and a lot of them the do the same things. But I really love Revitol because it does not stink. It’s oderless it does not stink. And that’s a big deal. Because the least amount of side effects means better usage for me. You know if it doesn’t gross me out, I’m there. So basically Revitol I’ve been using it twice per month, now I’ve cut down to once a month, because it’s actually reducing the hair growth on my arms. So it’s a great solution and I suggest you guys check it out. And until I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t need to use the removal cream at all, well you’ll just hear from me later. Thanks and check it out, it’s Revitol, alright bye!

Revitol the best hair removal cream

Are you looking for an effective affordable and gentle hair removal product? One that leaves your skin healthy and smooth?

Revitol hair removal cream is my solution for getting rid of unwanted hair.

This product is fast and gentle, so that it can be used anywhere everywhere. And I do mean everywhere including arms, chest, bikini pubic area.

And you can use it on your face to remove hair on your upper lip, eyebrows and beyond.

I’ve been using Revitol hair removal cream for months now and areas of dark course hair are now growing in slower and much finer.

And unlike those other harsh deplated creams, Revitol hair removal cream leaves your skin feeling great.

It contains Aloe Vera, green tea, and other ingredients that smooth and nourish your skin.

Revitol hair removal cream is my goto hair removal product. I highly recommend it.